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Ultimate 3D 2.1 Tech Demo

This the official technology demonstration for Ultimate 3D 2.1 beta. It demonstrates almost all features of Ultimate 3D and has been developed within a big teamwork on the Ultimate 3D Community. It is made up of nine rooms, where each room highlights particular features. You can explore them by yourself.

The list of demonstrated features is long: Per pixel lighting and parallax mapping, render to texture functions, real-time shadows, light mapping, motion-blur, cartoon effects, particle effects, post screen warp effects, terrain rendering and many more. Most components of the Tech Demo (but not all) are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported License, so you can use them for your projects if you give credits.

The download includes editable versions for Game Maker 5.0 to 7.0 as well as an executable and some documentation. The download size is 35 MB.

Tech Demo room one - 1
Tech Demo room two - 2
Tech Demo room seven - 2
Tech Demo room eight - 1
Tech Demo room nine - 2

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Fire and Water

This demo is pretty small, but it demonstrates many advanced techniques, that can be realized with Ultimate 3D 2.1. It uses the shader effects management system and the render to texture functions to create amazing fire, water and cloud effects. Also it shows how to use the terrain renderer of Ultimate 3D, contains a simple particle effects system, uses bump and parallax mapping and comes with three very cool post screen shader effects. If the Tech Demo is too complicated for you, you should have a look at this.

Nice Overview (Fire and Water Demo)
Fire (Fire and Water Demo)
Clouds (Fire and Water Demo)
Bloom post screen shader

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Old Demo

This demo came with Ultimate 3D 1.0 to Ultimate 3D 1.31 and has been converted to Ultimate 3D 2.0 final now. It does not show many advanced effects and it does not use Ultimate 3D very efficient. Anyway it shows how a simple world can be built in Ultimate 3D and gives an idea of what it is able to. The coding of this demo is far away from being exemplary.

This demo is no longer being supported. It uses an outdated version of Ultimate 3D. Do not base your projects upon this demo. Use the SDK for this purpose instead.

Overview (Old Demo)
Ship and City (Old Demo)

Tech Demo room one - 2
Tech Demo room five - 2
Ultimate 3D Model Viewer - Fire.u3d