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Dr.Malefico, tries to conquer your country. He has razed all your equipment... There's only one pilot left to save the country.
You will have to succeed to reject and to counterattack the enemy: Soldiers, tanks, other helicopters, mines, rocket launcher and many more.
Your helicopter has less ammo and energy, so you need to collect the bonuses.
Tronato Eli_combat this time is fully three-dimensional.
The download is a zip file and has a size of 4MB.

To be able to play you need this password: HPJ


Added by civic71, modified by admin on 1st of May 2007.

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Space Grid

A game strongly based around the old 1989 movie Tron. You are in control of a lightbike that is located on an electric grid in space. You are matched against up to four other bikes in a fight to the death. Your bike never stops moving, and it also leaves a constant light trail behind which is deadly for those who collide with it. The goal is to steer the enemy into your trail before they manage to trap you in their own.

In Game:
Turn 90 degrees left/right - Left/Right arrow
Turn 180 degrees left/right - Down Arrow + Left/Right arrow
Booster - Up Arrow
Look left/right - Q,E
Change camera - 1,2
Zoom/Extend camera (view 1 only) - Page Down/Up

Spectate Mode:
Rotate camera left/right - Left/Right arrow
Rotate camera up/down - Up/Down arrow
Switch viewing target - Q,E

Navigate - Up/Down arrow
Select - Enter
Go Back - Escape

tsg1zzn- Supersound DLL
Christoph Peters- Ultimate3D Dll
GLTron (Game)- Engine noise and lightcycle models
superjoebob- Game Music
Scyler_27- Game Engine/2D Graphics/Textures

Space Grid Gameplay

Added by Scyler_27 on 17th of February 2010.

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Links to more games

Links to more games with playable downloads can be found on the Ultimate 3D Community.

Added by Dr. Best (admin) on 14th of June 2009.

Tech Demo room four - 1
Bloom post screen shader
W.H.I.T.E. - 01