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Project Cynthillia

Project Cynthillia is a Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game set in the early 24th century. You will be able to create an alter-ego (avatar), which you can customize to an unique appearance. Once you login, you will take control of your avtatar in a full 3D science-fiction game world. Freedom is the paramount of Project Cynthillia. Join one of the 9 factions that are governing the face of the earth aswell as the space colonies that reach out millions of lightyears into space, all striving for fame and glory. Choose your own profession as trader, miner, crafter, mercenary, soldier and fight off the rival factions with either your weapon or your mind. All the players throughout the universe co-operate, compete or co-exists in a realistic virtual universe of the 24th century, packed with human elements to make the game an experience that You will never forget.
The universe of Project Cynthillia is constantly evolving, because regardless of whether you choose to stay on earth or travell to the limits of man's reach, exploring the deep colonies on foreign planets and moons, your actions will always effect someone, somewhere. Project Cynthillia is aimed towards everyone whether you are a hardcore FPS gamer or a casual role player. Role playing and your real life skills are the raw ingredients of the gameplay in Project Cynthillia. Your primary objective, whatever profession you choose, is to strengthen your skills as well as you real life social skills and learn many more in order to make a reputation and becoming the true leader of mankind. Live the ficition and feel the future of tomorrow, today.

Edge of Infinity-01
Edge of Infinity-02
Edge of Infinity-03
Edge of Infinity -04

Added by Despellanion on 26th of March 2007.

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The Warriors Path

The Warriors Path is set in a country called 'Oceanea'.
There are 5 rival castles, they have hated each other for hundreds
of years when 5 sons went there separate ways. Phillip, David, Paul, Peter and Roge built their own castles in separate regions of the land. They built armies and battled each other at every chance.

Now, its your turn. Choose your allegiance and swear your life to the throne.

Engage yourself in the running of your kingdom, and see your castle rise or fall. Fight in 3rd person or first person. See the scale of the battlefield or the terror in your enemies eyes.

Check out screen-shots at the website!

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Added by Combustion Entertainment on 29th of September 2007.

Tech Demo room three - 2
Tech Demo room eight - 1
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