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3D Cafe

3D Cafe provides very many free models. Unfortunately the free stuff section is down at the moment.

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Polycount (*.md2 files)

Polycount offers lots of cool character models saved as Quake II model files (*.md2). All of them are free and the Quake II model file format is supported by Ultimate 3D so this is something you should check out.

Added by Dr. Best (admin) on 26th of March 2007.

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Siters Electronics

In this site you can find 3D models in *.MD2 format but not charcters, and not animated.

Added by dmitko on 12th of September 2007.

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A CG marketplace with an amazingly big stock of 3D models. Some are free and some costs. Some are very poor quality and some are unbelivable. Features a powerfull search engine for ease of use.

Added by moldo2 on 18th of January 2011.

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CG Textures

A texture site with tremendous amounts of free textures of all sorts of things. A lot of them are up to around 4000x4000 pixels and some even tiled. It has a limit of 15 mBs a day, but that's plenty. It also features a powerful search enginge.

Added by moldo2 on 25th of January 2011.

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This website has hundreds of free models for you to use freely.

Added by Scifiboi on 20th of March 2011.

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Blendswap has lots of free models made with Blender. Through Blender you can easily export them directly to Ultimate 3D.

Added by Admin on 20th of March 2011.

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